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Basket of Strawberries
Variety & Sweetness


Things To Know Before You Arrive

  • We are open Monday to Saturday once the season starts unless it's raining hard.

  • We accept E-transfers & cash only

  • We do not barter on price, so please don't put us in that position by asking.

  • We charge $2.50 per pound for our U-Pick so we will weigh your empty dishes when you arrive, and then once more when they are full to get the weight of the berries.

  • You can bring your bowls, dishes, and crates or we can provide you with quart boxes and cardboard fIats for an additional fee.  No large bags or backpacks are allowed in the fields and we reserve the right to check any bags we allow on the way out.


  • Bring sunscreen, bug spray (not always necessary), water, and covered or waterproof shoes, dress in Iayers if you come in the early mornings, and if you are SUPER hardcore, bring knee pads and a wide-brimmed hat because we think that's FUNKY-FRESH! 

  • We adore your family already and can't wait to meet them!  But please do not leave your children unattended in our fields, as they could get hurt or could accidentally damage our plants by waking on or falling onto them.

  • We will not tolerate disrespectful behavior or excessive foul language as this is a family environment with IittIe eyes and ears always watching and listening.  We reserve the right to deny anyone access to our property or fields if we feel it is warranted. 

  • Our fields are no longer dog-friendly.  If you choose to bring your pooch, we will "OOH  AHH!" over them inside your vehicle. We will gladly give you a place to walk them, go potty (as long as they are dog, cat, and human-friendly and you have poopy bags to clean up after them) and have a drink.  Otherwise, it's best to leave them at home while you pick. 

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